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Top tips for keeping cool…..

With the Met Office issuing a Red Warning about severe temperatures over the next few days, we will be making sure that all our clients are keeping themselves as cool as possible. Here are just a few suggestions as to how you save yourself from heat exhaustion, or worse heatstroke.

1) Try and stay out of direct sunlight. Sit in the shade – or go indoors regularly. If you do have to go outside in the sun make sure you wear a hat and loose fitting clothing.

2) Drink plenty of fluids. Water is best at replacing fluids lost through sweating and dehydration. Try and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

3) Cool your skin at regular intervals. Wearing wet T-Shirt or neckerchief can help you keep cool. Alternatively take a cool shower every so often and let your skin dry naturally. Running your wrists under cold water can also help you feel cool.

4) Eat light, nutritious meals, ideally with ingredients containing plenty of water. Cucumber, berries, melon, apples etc are all good sources of water.

5) Don’t undertake strenuous activity in the heat of the day – wait till it’s cooler to go for a walk or to the Gym!

6) If you have one use a fan to help keep you cool and to circulate air around a room.

7) At the first sign of heatstroke try and cool yourself down fast. Problems can develop fast, so don’t delay in taking action – including dialling 999 if you feel really ill.

We hope that all of you stay safe at the beginning of next week and we will be doing our best to make sure all our clients are kept as cool as possible.